VWAP Market Profile

  • Display the developing areas of market equilibrium
  • Get a three-dimensional view of the market
  • Reveal potential trends

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Tool Introduction

We consider the VWAP Market Profile visualization ideal for traders who find standard market profile based on TPOs too complicated or incomprehensible but still want to benefit from the concept of market profile. VWAP Market Profile uses main part of the window for plotting a standard bar chart, which is easily comprehensible for a trader who is used to this form of following market action. The key element is that you can plot the developing value area of the current session, as well as previous sessions, on the background of price bars. You can turn on a colored volume histogram of the current session on the right side of the window, as well as a cumulative volume histogram for a longer timeframe, the length of which can be edited.

The VWAP Market Profile visualization functions in every timeframe. The user determines how long it will take for one price bar to plot, and also what time period the visualization will consider when calculating the value area. The visualization can be used for short-term, intraday trading, as well as long-term swing trades.

What does it show?

  • Expansion of candlestick chart for elements of Market Profile
  • Current fair value based on price, time, and traded volume
  • Areas where markets move with 68% and 95% probability
  • Easy determination of initiating and reactive participants and thus revelation of potential trends

What does this mean for your trading?

  • You will be able to display the developing areas of market equilibrium.
  • You will get a three-dimensional view of the market and will be able to reveal potential trends.
  • You will able to see how the price reacted at Market Profile® (POC, VAL, VAH ….) levels in the past.