Volume Profiles

  • Adjust your volume profiles
  • Draw precise support and resistance
  • Draw as many profiles as you wish
  • Composite and periodic profiles


Tool Introduction

The Volume Profiles visualization is one of the most basic functional methods to estimate market reactions. It offers an overview of the most important support and resistence zones. It rapidly detects the levels where traders were most and least active and what amounts of money they have sent to the market. You also get detailed knowledge of how the market auction proces is working.

It is the first truly universal software for displaying Volume Profiles, which in daily practice can be used to visualise daily, weekly, monthly and yearly profiles. In addition to the periodic chart of profiles it allows you to create a parallel profile with a user-defined scope and cumulative profile display nodes with high volume (HVN) and nodes with low volume (LVN). Controlling visualization is easy and intuitive. You always have two data sources to choose from as needed. For accurate rendering of volumes, select the data source with tick data. For faster profile rendering, use minute timeframe data.

What does it show?

  • View the profiles based on different timeframes in one chart (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly)
  • Display a composite profile
  • View High Volume Nodes / Low Volume Nodes as a line forming support / resistance area
  • View your custom profile range
  • Highlight key levels of VA, POC
  • Display developing POC levels and VA

What does this mean for your trading?

  • You get a powerful tool for managing one of the basic functional methods to estimate market reactions
  • You get a detailed overview of the most important support and resistance levels and the zones where the market was traded
  • You get the most sophisticated volume visualisation tool on the market