Tape Reader & Heat Map

  • Improve your trade timing
  • Increase profits on entering and closing positions
  • Enter the trades by large orders
  • See immediately what initiated the move
  • Be able to react when the price returns

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Tool Introduction

Market price does not move due to some magical technical indicator on the screen or a combination of moving averages. If you operate in a short timeframe, and your positions are not based on analyzing the order flow, then your chances of survival in the market are reduced. Great traders are successful because they know that the result of mutual trade will be determined by the activity of other traders, by the order flow they create. That is all.

Commonly available tools give misleading information. If the trader is to interpret the information correctly, he must use a combination of several instruments. This, and the fact that the information is assessed very rapidly, creates enormous pressure on traders, which leads to mistakes. For example, a rapid series of green orders does not necessarily mean that the market is going up. Instead, it may mean that all the “market orders” that took place at one price level are absorbed by the professional traders at ASK price. In this case, the trader can expect a weakening market in the short term.

The Heatmap visualization is part of the Tape Reader. It actually gives the same information as the depth of the market does. Its added value is an intuitive view of the historical and current order flow. Looking back, you can see immediately what initiated the move and react when the price returns. The Heatmap gives perfect information about the ideal price at which to enter, the size of stop loss, and the closest target prices.

What does it show?

What does Tape Reader show?

  • It reveals pending, executed and false orders of the biggest players in the market.
  • You have the choice to enter trades by large orders.
  • You will see the depth of the financial market and its history within the session.
  • It displays a multi-timeframe order flow and strength of order flow.
  • You can attach notes to the individual price levels.

What does Heat Map show?

  • Intuitive view of the historical and current order flow
  • The historical and current depth of market
  • Important short-term support and levels
  • Absorption of buyers or sellers at S/R levels

What does this mean for your trading?

  • You will find out what banks and supercomputers are about to do in the market.
  • It improves trade timing, which increases profits on entering and closing positions.
  • Almost 90% of the daily volume is made by High-Frequency Traders (HFT) with the help of artificial intelligence, and you can see their actions before they are reflected in the market.
  • You can see immediately what initiated the move and react when the price returns.