Price Action

  • Analyze chart without the indicators
  • Pure Price Action trading
  • All in one Price Action solution


Tool Introduction

Price Action is a minimalistic trading concept that allows traders to focus on their decision-making process without overloading their mind by tons of other information. Using our Price Action solution you will see just your chart with all favorite professional Price Action traders options to display clearly and simply.

What does it show?

  • Initial Balance and the first steps of the market
  • Important market levels
  • It displays, where market players want to trade and where they don´t
  • 123 Gap – where big buyers and sellers initiate their activity
  • Pivot H/L – the real support and resistance levels

What does this mean for your trading?

  • You will see the pace of the market and where the market is heading to
  • You will see the key levels that the market will retain
  • You will find where the magnets of the market are placed
  • You will have a significant competitive advantage over most traders