• Time your trades based on strong group in the market
  • Easy form of observing order flow in the market
  • Real-time picture of volume traded


Tool Introduction

DivDelta visualization is relatively small addition hence its strength makes it practically indispensable if it is interpreted correctly. DivDelta visualization appears in a separate part of NinjaTrader window like some of the standard NinjaTrader indicators. Information provided by DivDelta is also available through Order Flow Chart visualization. However DivDelta uses a different way of displaying market data and it can be an easier form of observing order flow in the market.

This visualization will provide you, in simple and clear form, with a real time picture of volume traded within each bar and the difference (delta) between number of orders realized at the bid (sellers) and at ask (buyers). If you learn to correctly interpret the flow of orders into the market you will be able to time entries and exits from your trades much better.

What does it show?

  • It distinguishes executed buy and sell orders based on executions at BID or ASK
  • It confirms or negates market movement based on executed orders
  • It shows true divergence of price and strength of ruling trader’s group (buyers or sellers)

What does this mean for your trading?

  • You get one of the most sophisticated indicators in the world
  • The advantage of displaying the ratio of buyers or sellers dominance
  • The timing of trade in line with the dominant market group