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“It reveals the capital that moves the markets in real time!”

  • Tape Reader and Heat Map
  • Advanced Order Flow
  • Adaptable Market Profile
  • Complex trading tools

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Complex solution for every skill level and category of the trader.


Solution suitable for traders with no much time for trading.


Solution suitable for intraday trading.

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Solution suitable for scalping.

Market Profile Plus

“time-tested professional tool with new features”

With our visualization you will get a detailed overview of the most important supports and resistances as well as the levels at which they were traded. Among market profile visualizations, Market Profile Plus is the most sophisticated tool on the market.

You can easily create profiles of any TPO length and any timeframe. Visualization also plots a volume histogram, initial balance, tails, singles and value areas.

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Volume Profiles

“universal tool to display volume profiles simply”

Move your trading one level up! With Volume Profiles, you get a powerful tool to manage one of the basic functional methods to estimate market reactions. Volume Profiles means another dimension of consistency for you.

You will get a detailed overview of the most important support and resistance levels and the zones where the market was traded.

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VWAP Market Profile

“weapon of hedge fund traders”

VWAP Market Profile is a professional tool showing the evolving market balance area. With VWAP, you will get the third dimension of the market outlook and you will easily reveal the potential trend of the market.

Plot the developing value area, turn on a colored volume histogram of the current session, as well as a cumulative volume histogram for a longer timeframe.

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Order Flow Chart

“trading pit on your computer”

With Order Flow, you will uncover the movement of decisive capital on the market, which will tell you with overwhelming precision when is the right moment to enter and to exit the trade. See the footprints of big players on the market.

You will be able to see which prices are more attractive for traders and where a lower interest in making trades lies. You will find out where the activity takes place in the right moment.

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Tape Reader

“all pending orders in one tool”

Control Tape Reader and control the future. Tape Reader can accurately predict the development of the market and determine the moment when it is best to enter the market. Tape Reader increases consistency and reduces the risk of loss.

Track all pending orders in the market. Retail, banks, hedgers, speculators — monitor any pending and executed trade. Current market depth, historical buying, selling and false orders.

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Heat Map

“unique visualization of Depth of Market (DOM)”

Forget the technical analysis, fundamentals and other details. Watch your favorite markets in the complex. Heat Map will help you with precise trade entry and you will be also able to control your open positions.

Intuitive view of the historical and current order flow. See the live depth of the financial market. Find out what banks and supercomputers are about to do in the market and spot immediately what initiated the move.

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I am a beginner. Where do I learn how to fully use these tools?

The tools are complex, however their use is not complicated. You will get a complete free guide from us and in our articles you will learn how to trade based on tradeWinger visualizations.

How do I get visualization on my computer?

After the payment:
• You get an installation file from us (you can run on two devices at the same time)
• You get the complete manual free of charge
• Use the Ninja Trader 7 software to get started (it's free to download)
Installation is easy, but we will be happy to advise you if necessary.

What else will I need to use visualizations?

Everything you need to 100% use of tradeWinger visualizations is for free.
• FREE - Ninja Trader 7 (Free Version or Live)
• FREE - Data source (Interactive Brokers, Zenfire, AMP futures ...)
• FREE - Trading platform to place the orders
• FREE - You will receive a 120-page manual
• FREE - Visualization can be run on two devices at the same time

Can I use visualizations on more than one computer?

Yes, licenses for each visualization apply to two devices.

Larry Williams, USA

“II have known tradeWinger for years now. For the past 7 years he has proven that this solution is a perfect tool for consistent profitable trading on all time frames.”

Brett Wildow, USA

 “Thanks to Order Flow Chart I am able to see individual orders realized in the market. This knowledge has improved my trading results considerably.”

Uve Kohl, Germany

“tradeWinger visualization have finally brought the necessary trading tools on my desktop for a reasonable price.”

John F. Carter, USA

“I have seen tradeWinger at MoneyExpo in 2012. It is a great tool which I partly use in my own trading and recommend to all traders to use.”

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